Gift Guide: Watch Ya Mouth 90's Edition

November 15, 2018
Watch ya Mouth 90s Edition

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The original, award-winning, mouthguard party card game, Watch Ya' Mouth, puts a hilarious twist on phrase card gameplay. Aiming to literally put "the biggest smiles possible on faces around the world" Watch Ya' Mouth has been seen all over from college campuses to family game rooms.

The original Watch Ya' Mouth game includes 143 family-safe, family-fun phrase cards (ages 8+), 10 mouthpieces (6 regular for adults, 4 small for kids), 1 60-second sand timer, and instructions and was such a hit - they now have Watch Ya' Mouth 90's Edition!

"Watch Ya' Mouth 90s Edition will take you back to a brighter,
more simple time when Scrunchies were cool and Marky Mark was a musician."

Watch Ya' Mouth: 90's Edition combines the game play you've come to know and love with the nostalgia of all things 90's. and with the 90s bundle, you get twice the content and nostalgia for days!

Phrases such as "Billy Ray's Mullet" and "Gameboy" will bring it all back for a night of fun!

Easy Play Directions:
3-10 players wear cheek retractors and speak out 90's phrases while teammates try to guess what they are saying.

Includes 300+ family-safe phrases. Great for all ages including kids 8+


watch ya Mouth 90s Edition

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A great game this time of year to get the party started!

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