Children's Book: The 12 Joys of Christmas by Thomas Seibold

December 8, 2016

The 12 Joys of Christmas

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

The 12 Joys of Christmas reads just like our favorite 12 Days of Christmas carol. The 12 Joys start with one freshly cut tree and ends with twelve Christmas cookies with lots of fun activity in between. Activities that make the Christmas season so special, like making snow angels and paper snowflakes. The pictures to accompany each page in this lovely countdown picture book are adorable and delightful. Making this another favorite Christmas book to enjoy, each and every year.


Long after the last perfectly wrapped holiday present has been opened, it’s the memories of time spent with family and friends in this special season that remain as our real “gifts.” Readers of all ages will enjoy thoughtful words and classic imagery of the very best the season has to offer. From holiday cookie baking to outdoor fun to hanging favorite ornaments on a freshly cut tree, hearts are warmed and memories evoked as readers ponder the time-honored traditions, experiences, and simple pleasures that families have enjoyed for generations.

Available in hardcover, paperback, and as a mini gift book.

Author Thomas Seibold says: "The best Christmas memories are made of simple, inexpensive activities and moments of contemplation and togetherness, not elaborate preparation or expensive obligations."

The 12 Joys of Christmas artfully explores:
  • The timeless sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings of Christmas
  • Holiday memories made of simple pleasures and inexpensive activities enjoyed with loved ones
  • The anticipation of Christmas as a sweet and enduring gift of its own.
  • A fun, memorable countdown of the best of the season that family members of all ages will love discovering together
  • Classic traditions, experiences, and pleasures passed from generation to generation

Author Thomas Seibold and Illustrator Sheri McCulley Seibold are the creative husband and wife team behind The 12 Joys of Christmas. Sheri is the founder and principal of Sheri McCulley Studio, a Kansas City-based design practice that develops original characters, patterns, and product concepts for a variety of manufacturers in numerous product categories. Thomas is a technology marketing specialist and manager of Sheri McCulley Studio. Each was inspired to create The 12 Joys of Christmas by their own fond and vivid childhood memories of the holiday season.

Learn more about The 12 Joys of Christmas and Sheri McCulley’s designs at

The 12 Joys of Christmas is available to purchase on and the Sheri McCulley Studio’s online book store.

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