Book Review: Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids

July 20, 2016

Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids

Disclosure: I received this book complimentary for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

Have your kids become Minecraft crazy like mine? I put off purchasing it for as long as I could and then wondered why once I realized all the marvelous things they are learning! I love it when they find each other in their world and build together - such fun! Sometimes though, it is good to take a break from technology, so the Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids is ideal. Still minecrafty, yet fun, hands on projects that teach math, science, history, and culture, away from the screen.

The Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids explains the Minecraft basics, including language for us adults to learn. It offers a variety of creative exercises to explore the game aspects while teaching fun and educational lessons. It also shows how to screencast and make your own videos to share with the community! Be sure to use the hashtag #minecrafterbook when sharing!

It was the time my kids invest in building their worlds that made me want to review this book. Minecraft is one of the few games they want to play daily and never get tired of playing. It is a great game and Minecraft Lab for Kids is a great substitute for when you want to direct them away from technology.

With an array of family-friendly projects, such as a scavenger hunt, making a Chinese finger trap or a paper airplane, paper weaving, shadow puppets, or an obstacle course, (to name a few) this book has unlimited amount of fun for your kids this summer!


John Miller holds multiple and single subject credentials in history and science. He has been a middle school teacher for over 20 years and has taught every subject in grades 6-8. He also holds a Masters degree from San Diego State University in Educational Technology and Instructional Design and is a Google Certified Teacher, San Luis Obispo County CUE (Computer Using Educators) Board President, and a CUE Lead Learner. John is a featured presenter at conferences and workshops around the country. He loves teaching 21st-century skills to his students, and his passions include student blogging, e-learning, Minecraft in the classroom, photography, Apple, and Google. John is a contributor to Minecraft in the Classroom (Peachpit Press, 10/14).

Chris Scott works to design the classroom culture and environment. He is an authorized Google Education Trainer, Google Certified Teacher, President of Santa Barbara CUE, CUE Lead Learner and a CK-12 Champion. He loves using Design Thinking, Agile project management process in the class, and seeing his students enter the flow of learning. He loves to help others in their educational journey. You'll find Chris at conferences around the world presenting on classroom culture, technology, and design.


We love that Minecraft is open-ended, and we love the ideas and activities in this book and how they relate to Minecraft. At the end of the book is a sticker page that you can add to the activity page once completed, encouraging you to try all the activities. I love how there is a hands-on project to do and then a similar project to try in the game, offering both in-game and out-of-game activities. You can tell a lot of research went into this book and it is very user friendly, offering lots of resources. What do you love about Minecraft?

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