Celebrate the Gift of Birth with Baby's Collection #parfum

June 13, 2016

M. Micallef Baby's Collection

Disclosure: I received the Baby's Collection complimentary for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

They say having a baby is one of the biggest and happiest of moments in life and leave it to a perfume designer to come up with the ultimate gift to celebrate a newborn. In celebration of her own grandchildren, Martine Micallef created Baby's Collection, a perfume set specially dedicated to toddlers.

Baby’s Collection is offered in three alcohol-free scents: Tendre Douceur, Petit Coeur, and Petite Fleur. Bottles are a fun shape and lids are magnetized and come accompanied with an adorable soft rabbit plush named Harry. Products can also be personalized for an extra original gift idea and great keepsake.

This beautiful set appeals to my eight year old daughter, so could easily be considered for young birthdays as well! It is such a gorgeous arrangement, beautifully packaged in a cylinder box, inside the box is an upscale cotton drawstring bag with Harry the bunny and three 30ml perfume sprays to delight your senses.

M. Micallef Baby's Collection

"delicate but subtle scents, perfect for the sensitive nose of little ones."

Tendre Douceur (pink)

A fragrance with notes of cherry and candy apple.

Petit Coeur (green)

A fresh fragrance of lemon, mint and bergamot notes.

Petite Fleur (yellow)

A fragrance of orange blossom.

More About M.Micallef

"Founded in Grasse in 1996, the brand Parfums M.Micallef is a signature in the world of high-end luxury perfumes. Distributed in 60 countries and around 900 sales outlets. The whole concept of the brand is based on the encounter between two beings. Geoffrey Nejman, who is the nose of the company and Martine Micallef, the soul and creator. Driven by their love and passion, and carried by their artistic sensibility, they decided to design together unique fragrances made of rare and noble materials, preserved in remarkable hand-decorated bottles in their ateliers in Grasse."

Learn More and Stay Connected:

e-boutique: www.mmicallef.com/shop.
Website: www.mmicallef.com/.
Facebook: M.Micallef.Parfums
Twitter: @parfumsMicallef

The Most Amazing Celebration of Birth Gift Set!

M. Micallef Baby's Collection

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