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August 31, 2018


The MasterPan Divided Skillet Collection makes cooking fun and simple, offering compartmentalized skillets that allow for multi-tasking in the kitchen with only the need for one pan! Cook a variety of different foods all at the same time in the same skillet with the MasterPan Collection! Foods like fajitas, steak and potatoes, chicken and mushrooms, even a complete breakfast. It will be the only skillet you will need.

The MasterPan’s are made of 100% die cast aluminum which is an excellent heat conductor to ensure even heat distribution throughout each compartment. They are equipped with a double layer PFOA free and chemical free non-stick Xylan Plus coating to keep the pans durability lasting even longer.


This pan will change your life, saving you time, space, and money.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign for more info... MasterPan on Kickstarter

The MasterPan’s are built with an ergonomic detachable Bakelite handle which makes it oven safe up to 350 degrees for 30 minutes. If you need to bake your meal longer, simply remove the handle. Plus removing the handle makes the pan easy to store. The glass lid fits all pans, so only one is needed.

The MasterPan allows you to cook the recommended portions to ensure we are not cooking more than we need. The compartments are designed to keep portions regulated which will result in a much healthier diet.

The MasterPan started with a 5-section pan. They now have a Deep Grill Pan, 2-section pan and 3-section pan.

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We love using our MasterPan for breakfast, we can have our eggs, bacon and sausage all in the one pan which makes for easy clean up (pans are dishwasher safe)! The grill side is perfect for meat, so it is not sitting in its own grease and the engraved circles are perfect for eggs or pancakes. These pans are ideal for families, students, couples, everyone and anyone; perfect to take camping, rving, to use on backyard grills, or just in the kitchen.

A great gift idea for many!

Check out the youtube video below for more info...

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