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August 9, 2017

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I really love being organized, especially when traveling, it really makes it a little easier along the way. Tips include having your like items in their own compartment bags, items like all the family passports, with tickets, times, and important papers, like car rental agreements, etc. The below cosmetic bag is ideal for organization and travel and could be used to hold many items, including snacks, or an array of items to keep the kids busy, better yet, a bag that would keep us adults busy, loaded with books, magazines, crossword puzzles, a pack of cards, maybe a travel guide of our destination.

Do you have any organizational tips? Please share in the comments below.


- If you have two of something, give one away to a friend, neighbor, or family member;

- If you do not use it anymore, donate it or re-use it;

- group like items together, instead of scattered around, so you know what you have and what you need to buy;

- Use colored bags for different needs; red for hair ties and ribbons, blue for cosmetics, brown for craft items, etc;

It really helps when like items can be found in one place! It makes life run a little smoother...


Product Specifications:

● Available in Colors: Red, Blue, Brown, and Black;
● Made with Oxford Nylon (fine twill) - Waterproof;
● Bag Size: 12.99”x7.48”x3.94” (33cmx19cmx10cm)

I was very surprised with the size of this bag. It is huge, I love it. It can accommodate plenty of make-up for a great travel/organizational bag. We are traveling soon and I may use it for all our devices, which would be great for the airport, as they always ask you to place your electronics in its own bin. But then again, I may enjoy it most as a toiletry bag for all my bits and pieces. Whatever we use it for, it can easily fit inside my carry-on or luggage. It would also be a great fit to use with a backpack.

Other ideas for great oversized bag could be a pencil case, it would fit plenty of pens, pencils, erasers, calculator, notepads, even a ruler fits. These cosmetic bags would make a nice gift, too - Add a few items to make a portable pampering kit with lotions, scented candles, nail polish, etc.

WHATS INSIDE? These lovely oversized bags have a zippered compartment inside and two open pockets on the other side. Perfect for many items and occasions. It would be a nice strapless bag to use as well, if you are going out. It really is very nice and a great price! A great way to stay or get organzied.

Find it here: kinzd cosmetic bag

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