50 Foot Expandable Garden Water Hose by RY Gardener

June 8, 2016

50 Foot Expandable Garden Water Hose by RY Gardener

Disclosure: I received a 50 Foot Expandable Garden Water Hose complimentary for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

My husband has gone through a few spray nozzle's for our hoses, they would not last long, and then we finally upgraded from our tired, old-fashioned, heavy, green hose, and tried an expandable one, the nozzle lasted, but the hose did not, it was soon damaged from rubbing on the ground (driveway). We loved how lightweight the expandable ones are, so we were happy to try another version and are very pleased with the RY Gardener hose.

50 Foot Expandable Garden Water Hose by RY Gardener:

*has three (3) layers of high-quality latex, plus a fourth layer of PVC to provide inner tube strength;
*has a highly resistant, aluminum clamp under the brass connectors to take on high pressure;
*comes with (removable) shut off valve;
*hose is guaranteed for 12 months.

garden hose

What We Love:

*everything comes in the box, including the 50 foot hose, spary nozzle, hose hanger, and 6 extra washers;
*spray nozzle has 8 settings;
*easy to connect and use;
*lightweight and takes up little room.


*make sure hose is stored away during colder months;
*hose should not sit out in the sun.

We have only tried our hose a couple of times since receiving it. We are well impressed with how lightweight it is, we drain and store it out of sight after each use. We love the blue color and hope this will be our last hose for a while. Two thumbs up!

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