Celebrate World Origami Days with Extraordinary Origami

October 17, 2018

Extraordinary Origami

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The craft of origami has ancient origins dating back a thousand years from China, Japan, and Europe. Yet, did you know that the United States has some of the greatest origami masters in the world? In recent decades, the hobby has grown immensely in America, with Origami clubs and associations spreading around the nation. Marc Kirschenbaum, an active member and Board member of OrigamiUSA, noticed this trend and decided to compile the greatest American origami masters into one book.

The result of Kirschenbaum's contemporary origami research is Extraordinary Origami: 20 Projects from Contemporary American Masters. Grand Master origami artists such as Neal Elias, Peter Engel, Michael LaFosse, Robert J. Lang, Jeremy Shafer, and more are featured and show you how to fold their most remarkable creations with ease.

Extraordinary Origami has recently been released from Fox Chapel Publishing, just in time to celebrate World Origami Days, a period of time from October 24 through November 11 devoted to celebrating the joy of paperfolding.


Marc Kirschenbaum is a leading American origami artist. He has covered a wide range of subject matter, and has utilized a variety of folding mediums. His works can be found in many museums and shows around the world, including the American Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian, Mingei International Museum, and Hangar-7.

Visit to find easy diagrams to enjoy, sign up for online classes, or to find an origami group near you!

Extraordinary Origami

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Extraordinary Origami is such an amazing collection of a variety of fun origami creations. With detailed step-by-step instructions - some much more detailed than others - all amazingly beautiful and fun! This book showcases a collection of work from 18 accomplished origami artists - something for everyone! I have always had an interest in origami and I was blown away by this book! I love that it includes a QR code for those that prefer to watch a video tutorial with the artists themselves!

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