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November 20, 2014


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I really appreciate finding good books to read to my children. Sometimes, I find I have to skip over some words that I dont like or explain why I do not like them to my children and that can interfere with the story. So, I am grateful to books like the Green Kids Club books that discuss environmental issues and ways to protect our environment, great topics to discuss with our kids.

What is Green Kids Club?

"Green Kids Club is designed to teach young children the importance of environmental stewardship through picture books. The series was developed as a utility to teach children the importance of protecting habitats to sustain ecosystems, animal life and ultimately human life. Difficult environmental issues that impact animals and human interaction are brought into the story lines."


The green kids in the Green Kids Club are siblings Maya and big brother, Victor Green. They set off for adventures around the world, sharing ideas on how to save the environment. Below, please find the titles in this series:

  • The Green Spring is the original story about Maya and Victor and how the animals choose them to be their voice to help protect their habitat.

  • Ice Jams finds them in the Arctic, visiting their pen pal Iluak and sharing ways to protect the environment.

  • Jade Elephant explores India, where Maya and Victor save the elephants with their friend, Anju.

  • Gorilla's Roar heads to Rwanda, where their friend Inayah introduces Maya and Victor to the Gorillas.

  • Wolf Howls features Tiago, the younger brother of Victor and Maya. Who all go on a camping trip in the Rocky Mountains with their friend Kaya.

Each story ends with a science section containing facts and stock photos about each animal featured in the story.
Written by Sylvia M. Medina and Saige J. Ballock-Dixon. Illustrations by Joy Eagle.


"Members of the Green Kids Club are working with animals to improve our world by using basic sustainability concepts of preservation, reduction, prevention and mitigation." Join the fun at:

We have so much to teach our kids, it is nice to find books that help tackle the big and important issues that our kids should learn at a young age, so its second nature to them. My 7 year old took to these books immediately and mentioned that they would be good for her Reading Counts Program at school. (An independent reading program offered at school) We will be donating the series to our local program so other children can enjoy and learn easy ways to help protect our environment.

Green Tips from the Green Kids Club:

  • Walk or ride your bike more often;

  • Turn the lights off when you don't need; 

  • Recycle everything you can;

  • Donate things you don't need anymore; (a form of recycling) 

  • Plant trees, flowers, and shrubs;

  • Instead of plastic and paper items, use reusable containers like water bottles and real plates;

  • Don't dump chemicals down ANY drains or outside;

  • Dispose of hazardous materials, like paint and cleaning products, properly.

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I would like to extend my gratitude to Green Kids Club for sponsoring this post.

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