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June 28, 2019

Zuru Summer Toys

Disclosure: I received items for review purposes only. Any opinions are my own.

Summer has finally arrived and we can't wait to make a huge splash with ZURU's latest Summer toys! These fun products will get the kids outdoors and keep them cool and entertained and enjoying the hot days of summer. Stock up, be ready and easily prepare for a great water fight with the latest items from ZURU.

This season's hottest items from ZURU include:

Bunch O Balloons Self Sealing Party Balloons;
Bunch O Balloons 100 Self-Sealing Water Balloons;
Bunch O Balloons Rotten Egg; and
X-Shot Fast Fill Water Blaster.

These fun toys are ideal for the backyard, pool, beach, or park and will be used all summer long. Perfect for any parties planned. ZURU will easily keep the kids entertained all day and all summer long! More information below...


With Bunch O Balloons Party (BOB Party) you can fill, tie and string 40 balloons in only 40 seconds. There is no more blowing, no more tying and no need to add ribbon or string! The perfect party decoration both inside and out.

Check it out in action in the video below:

Simply attach the stems to the Electric Party Pump nozzle and press GO! Within seconds, your Bunch O Balloons Party stems will fill and self-tie with ease and once inflated, you can cut the stems and the ribbon remains!

All the balloons are reusable and refillable and come in a variety of fun colors and themes.
(The Electric Party Pump is also compatible with helium tanks for even more fun and convenience!)

Bunch O Balloons Party Pump Starter Pack with attachment accessories and two balloon stems (16 balloons) $16.99
Bunch O Balloons 3 stem (24 Balloon) packs including a helium adaptor will be offered in various colors for $9.99

Find more information and order yours online here: also online and in store at Walmart
Zuru Bunch O Balloons 100 Self-Sealing Water Balloons
The ZURU Bunch O Balloons 100 Self-Sealing Water Balloons make water balloons fun for everyone! Fill and Tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds with these self-tying water balloons! With O-Ring technology and Rapid Fill capabilities, no more taking forever to fill individual water balloons. Simply connect to a tap or a hose, fill and make hundreds of water balloons with no handtying. Perfect for a pool party, backyard, BBQ, or beach.

Zuru Bunch O Balloons 100 Self-Sealing Water Balloons

This pack includes 3 Bunch O Balloons (100 Self-tying, Rapid Fill Water Balloons). Ages 3+, 3 pack $9.99
Available at Target, Walmart and Amazon

Look for specially marked Splash to Win packs. Find a game code inside and enter to win at
Bunch O Balloons Rotten Eggs

Bunch O Balloons Rotten Eggs
Calling all Pranksters! Who will get hit with the surprise stinky water balloons? Fill and Tie 100 stinky Rotten Eggs scented water balloons in less than 60 seconds with these self-tying water balloons, the latest from ZURU’s Bunch O Balloons line, revolutionary self-sealing and biodegradable water balloons that quickly and easily fills and ties 100 water balloons in less than one minute. Ages 5+, 3 pack $7.99 Available at Costco, Walmart, and Target

X-Shot Fast Fill

X-Shot Fast Fill Water Blaster
The X-Shot Fast-Fill water Blaster is ZURU’s latest addition to the popular brand. It is the fastest filling blaster ever created with a superb blasting performance, the X-Shot Fast-Fill’s tank structure allows it to be dunked and filled anywhere in two seconds. RapidSeal technology closes the blaster tank instantly allowing players to get back to the action long before their opponents. It can hold up to 24 ounces and reaches distances of 34 feet, the X-Shot Fast-Fill is designed for kids 5+, $9.99 Available at Target and Amazon

We will be staying cool all Summer long with these great toys from ZURU. We love how convenient and easy it is to prepare for a fun day. No more taking forever to blow up individual balloons and no more sore fingers from trying to tie them all! Thanks ZURU!

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