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August 14, 2017

Disclosure: I participated in a Tryazon party. All opinions are mine.

Whiffer Sniffers

Whiffer Sniffers are the latest collectable line to take the kids by storm. These cute, scented, plush characters come in a variety of scents and shapes and are available in a backpack clip, and huggable plush toy. We all agree that they are adorable and kids have been collecting them since 2015.

Whiffer Sniffers are currently in their 5th season and offer Rare Limited Edition Mystery Packs, Super Rare Gold Bags, Sniffer Mix, and Sniffer Switch pieces. They offer new introductions each quarter and sometimes retire ones, too. Trading cards were introduced in Series 2, which was also a hit with my daughter.

These fun collectables can clip on a backpack, book bag, lunch box, purse, sports bag, locker, or car!

My family and I were picked to host a Whiffer Sniffers Party, thanks to Tryazon! We received a wonderful party box with prepared gift bags for guests (and great host gifts). Our group had a great time opening the mystery packs, the kids were screaming with delight, especially when my daughter was lucky to open a Super Rare Gold Bag #JACKPOT.

The kids loved smelling the clips, some swapped with each other, they want to collect them all!

They all smell delicious and are creatively named, with names like:
Mikey Milkshake, Jimmy Smore, Sonny Shine, Phil O'Jelly, and May B. Minty.

The parents and grandparents were taken back to the 80's with the fun scratch & sniff stickers. We had fun swapping, smelling, and sharing each others sheets (4 come in each pack). A few guests mentioned how Whiffer Sniffers would be a good gift for the kids, fun for birthdays and great for stocking stuffers (they offer fun Christmas themed ones as well).

The Tryazon party packs were very generous with our guests (and hostess) sharing mystery packs (blacked out containers) with a character clip, scratch & sniff stickers, a collectors book, a collectors checklist, and a great tote bag.

We can't wait to check out the scentable plush toys, too.

Whiffer Sniffers

Check out their site for craftables, coloring pages, character profiles, games,
videos, collector info, and Whiffer Sniffers to buy!

Save 20% with coupon code: TRYWSS45 at or

Find a retail location near you: Store Locator

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Check out for current party opportunities - so you, too can have a fun Tryazon party!

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