Christmas Gift Idea: Urban Market Bags

November 22, 2016

Urban Market Bags

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In an effort to limit grocery bags, many national grocery chains charge customers for their plastic grocery bags, some cities around me have banned plastic bags all together. Although many chains offer their own reusable bags to purchase, I always feel bad going in one shop with another shops shopping bag and I like a few markets in our neighborhood. So while trying to help the planet myself, it would be cost effective for me to invest in some really nice reusable and fashionable market bags, like Urban Market Bags.

Urban Market Bags are soft, durable, and eco-friendly, reusable nylon shopping bags. They have longer handles to easily sling over the shoulder and can be washed in the washing machine. Whitch I love!! They come conveniently stored in a drawstring pack that neatly fits in car cupholders or in a handbag so we will never forget them when we go shopping. We love them, they are light, yet hold a lot!

Urban Market Bags are a great gift idea and a gift you will want to give yourself.

Available in 3 ($28) and 6 ($40) pack bags.

Urban Market Bags are stylish and sustainable bags that will last for years.

Urban Market Bags

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COMING SOON... Soon you we be able to request your own colors and add a logo or design onto each custom bag! A perfect gift for any personal or corporate event.
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