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November 17, 2018

the upside

Disclosure: Product was received for review purposes only. Any opinions are my own.

The Upside is a brand-new community from the DSE Healthcare brands. When you join, you gain exclusive access to leading specialty health brands. It is so easy to get started. Based on your answers to simple questions, they will send free products to try in exchange for your feedback. Always be honest in your reviews, and try to provide useful feedback for the DSE Healthcare brands.

Step 1

Connect your social accounts to your profile.

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with the Sharing Tools to start spreading the word about The Upside. Aim to always receive your Mission Badge!

Step 3

Keep your profile up to date, participate in the forum discussions, and keep an eye out for more offers.

Come join me on: The Upside

Participate in a new Discussion each month:

Each month, check out the featured discussion for everyone to participate in. Use the Sharing Tools provided in your account you share your thoughts with the community. Each time you participate in a new discussion, you'll have the chance to win! Check back each month for a new discussion and a new chance to win. After you share, head over to the Upside Forum and see what other members have to say.

See you on The Upside!

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