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November 12, 2018

Disclosure: Products were received for review purposes only. Any opinions are my own.

Tea is my favorite hot beverage. I have a cup of tea before I have another cup with breakfast. I can drink it any time of day, any variety. Although, black tea is my main choice, I also enjoy herbals at night and have been truly enjoying the Lemon Ginseng Green Tea recently received from The Tea Book.

The Tea Book is a socially aware tea company that offers fun, healthy teas, as well as a Teabook for storing, sharing and serving your teas. Their teabags come in a variety of flavors from earl grey to hibiscus with fun art work that would make a great gift idea for the tea lover on your list.

We are sharing the Ruth Bader Ginseng teabags, read on to learn more.


Can You Spot the Hidden References and Fun Facts on The Tea Book RBG Teabags?:

  1. There are 14 stars to represent the 14th amendment, the clause of the constitution RBG protected the most.

  2. Some of the stars are Jewish stars, as RBG is very proud of her Jewish heritage.

  3. The scale on her mug represents her love of justice and her career as a lawyer and judge.

  4. The dumbell is all about her workout routine. She even has an excercise book.

  5. She believes in equality for women. Which is why she has the woman symbol on her utility belt.

  6. The Supreme Court building is in the right corner.

  7. In the left corner are three important books about her life, law, politics and civil rights.

  8. The teapot has the classic opera horns and braids, as she is a huge fan of the opera.

  9. The teapot has a state of New York, because she is from Brooklyn, NY

  10. Like RBG, the artist, Shari Pere, is a talented Jewish woman from Brooklyn, NY.

  11. Many super heroes have an object of power, RBG's is the gavel on her belt. She only uses it for good.

  12. RBG loves tea. Drink a cup in her honor.
RBG tea is a delicious and refreshing Lemon Ginseng Green Tea. A perfect pick me up any time of day!

RBG tea

Other fun artistic teas include:
  • Agatha ChrisTea
  • Shakespearemint
  • Mark Twainquility
  • Hillary ClinTEAn
  • Donald TeaRump
  • ImPeachMint
  • Dr. MarTEAn Luther King Jr
  • AraMINTa Ross (Harriet Tubman)
  • Marie Curie (Radiant Hibiscus)
  • Fred Tea Mercury
  • ChaiKovsky
  • Amy Teahouse
  • Barack "tisane" Obama
  • Harry Chai-Pin

Also available on magnets, stickers and tees.

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