Book Review: The Moon Inside by Sandra V. Feder

November 8, 2016

The Moon Inside by Sandra V. Feder

Disclosure: I received this book for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

My two kids are so different from one another when it comes to bedtime. One will gladly fall in, while the other will stall all the way. We try the story, hugs and pile ALL of their favorite stuffed animals around them for company and still they want us by their side. Most of the time I give in, how hard is it to cuddle for a few extra minutes, its fine if you can tip toe away without waking them, right? Sometimes, I fall asleep though ha.

Yet, we do try any and every story to do with bedtime, hoping one will just click. Even though we know things are just for a time, it saddens me to think that kids are not comfortable in their own room, especially around bedtime, as sleep is so important.


The Moon Inside, is a beautifully illustrated picture book, giving children the tools to embrace nighttime rather than fear it.

Author Sandra V. Feder, a mother of three, witnessed her own children struggle with a fear of the dark. As darkness fell, she watched them go through the house turning on lights to make the dark go away. However, she noticed that when they were outside when dusk came, they were less afraid.

Sandra used this lesson to create the character of Ella who learns an appreciation of nighttime by learning to connect with nature as her mother encourages her to look at the soft glow of the moon and the fireflies dancing in the night. She also encourages her to listen to the sounds of the night... crickets chirping and the wind in the trees. As the story gently proceeds, Ella gradually comes to feel more comfortable by embracing what shines in the night.

The Moon Inside by Sandra V. Feder

We think The Moon Inside is a lovely, colorful story. Ella's favorite color is yellow and illustrator Aimee Sicuro's luminous illustrations really bring out the beauty of the story, inspiring both grownups and children alike "to welcome the peaceful nature of nighttime into their homes and hearts." What wonderful memories Ella and her mother make by sitting on their porch, listening to the sounds of the night... so much to hear, share and see. Appreciating the moon to quietly glow in the night. A beautiful story!

About Author Sandra V. Feder:

Author of the popular Daisy series of children's books, Sandra is also a volunteer in her children's schools, in a library, and a founding team member of a new high school. Sandra has worked with children of all ages and their parents. She has learned that helping children embrace new parts of their worlds at a young age is important for their continued development. She is also a big believer in celebrating the natural creativity children have, so that the wonderful imaginations they possess when they are young can still be accessed when they are older and more afraid of final exams than the dark.

Growing up exploring the hills of Northern California and catching salamanders in local streams, Sandra learned an appreciation of nature from a young age. The Moon Inside reflects Sandra's sense of finding comfort in the natural world.

You can find more information about Sandra at:

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Facebook: SandraVFeder
Twitter: @sandravfeder

About Illustrator Aimee Sicuro:

Aimee is an award-winning illustrator who recently published her first picture book, Bright Sky, Starry City by Uma Krishnaswami. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and young son, who is currently afraid of the dark and ducks eating his toes at night.

Twitter: @aimeesicuro


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