A Subscription Box that Teaches You All About Essential Oils

January 17, 2019

Simply Earth

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Simply Earth. Any opinions are my own.

Simply Earth is a monthly subscription box that teaches you all about essential oils with their recipe cards while providing high quality essential oils. Every month subscribers receive 4 essential oils with fun recipes and everything you need to make them. Learn all about different oils and what they are good for and have fun making all sorts of recipes from lip balm to sugar scrubs to household cleaners. All made with natural ingredients.

I fell in love with essential oils when I started to read labels when I first had babies. I could not believe what was in some products. Products used on my babies and around the home. Products like candles can even have added chemicals, yet, I wanted my home to smell nice. So I love essential oils for this and many other benefits.

Simply Earth has taught me what oils to use for scars and what oils to use for a homemade chest rub, good for the whole family, I have made a body butter, and a skin healing booster roll on and I continue to learn all about essential oils with Simply Earth.


Please never rub essential oils directly on the skin. Always dilute it with a carrier oil. Although Tea Tree Oil is said to be safe to apply directly and is a great oil to dab on acne. Use sparingly. Also, some oils are not appropiate for animals or children. Please be careful!


As mentioned above, Tea Tree Oils is good for acne. Lavender Oil is also great for the skin, making it a perfect oil to add to your bath water. Although, also known to help headaches, too much Lavender could give you a headache, so, also use sparingly.

Another great oil for the skin is Calendula, add a few drops to your bath water and use it for acne scars. Keeping with skin, Frankincense is great for bug bites and minor scrapes.

Peppermint oil is great to alert your mind. That is why Peppermint Tea is a great tea to start the morning with or for an afternoon pick me up.

Essential Oils are also great to add to a diffuser to clean the air and help us breathe better, like Oregano, Eucalyptus or Lemon Oils. Use Bergamot and Ravensara Oils (2 to 1) for a confidence diffuser blend.

It is a great time of year to sign up with Simply Earth and new subscribers receive a massive bonus box with their first order and a $20 gift card to use on your second box.

USE CODE: MAMMANATTYFREE at checkout and receive everything you see in the picture below.

Everything you need to make your home and your life a natural one.


1. The Simply Earth team creates the perfect recipes for your natural home.

2. They send us 4 pure essential oils every month. (GC/MS tested for purity)

3. We have fun making essential oil recipes.

Everything comes in the box, including the oils, recipes cards, containers, and labels. It is such a fun experience and a great gift idea!

Visit: to learn more and sign up today.

Simply Earth

Fun Fact: When you shop with Simply Earth, 13% of their profits go to help fight human trafficking and they highlight a different organization every month.

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