August is All About Skin Care with the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

August 1, 2019

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Simply Earth. Any opinions are my own.

We have been enjoying Simple Earth for months now, each and every month seems to get better and better. Simply Earth offers oils and recipes we can use over and over again! It is a great subscription box, offering subscribers a monthly box of 4 essential oils and 6 fun recipes with most everything you need to make them (sometimes items are pulled from the bonus box). New subscribers receive a bonus box with the regular box order and a $40 gift code to use on your next monthly box.

Simply Earth is a great gift idea, too! Not only for yourself, but also your friends! Each month there is a theme. While the theme changes from month to month, the quality of the items inside the box does not. Once a month, receive four quality ensured essential oils hand-picked to fit with the monthly theme, six recipe cards to grow your essential oils knowledge, plus other must-have items to make these recipes!

Simply Earth offers a 15ml bottle size for most of their oils, which is a perfect size for trying out new oils and scents. I love that you can order more oils and fun items on their website in addition to the subscription box: Shop at Simply Earth.

Simply Earth is a Subscription Box that Teaches You All About Essential Oils
while building a great essential oil collection with fun recipes to match!

Simply Earth August Box


The August Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box is one everyone can use! It is all about pampering our skin!

  • Clove Essential Oil - This warm and spicy scent is great for boosting immunity, aiding digestion, with antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil - Rosemary Oil has so many uses. Add a drop to your shampoo to control oils in your hair.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil - A friendly oil for your face, also supports immunity, is skin healing and joint pain relieving.
  • Clear Skin Essential Oil Blend - This blend is a mix of Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Juniper Berry and Lemon Essential Oils. Perfect for acne and blemishes
Also included in the August box is Lavender Hydrosol and a DIY compressed mask. Grab it here:

Simply Earth August Box

  • Frankincense Face Scrub
  • Rosemary Facial Steam
  • Skin Renewing Face Mask
  • Hydrosol Facial Toner
  • Moisturizing Face Cream
  • Clear Skin Roll On

And, a bonus Feel Good Morning Diffuser Recipe!

This months box is designed to create clear, glowing, and beautiful skin. Most recipes are suggested to use once a week and in order (although, the toner and cream recipes can be used daily). If you have sensitive skin, it is suggested to skip the clove oil.

More recipes can be found on the Simply Earth blog.

Only a few recipes require items not provided (like oatmeal, brown sugar, honey, Apple Cider Vinegar).

I love all the recipes in this box with a little favoritism towards the Hydrosol Facial Toner.


2 tbsp Lavender Hydrosol
1/4 cup distilled water
1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)
2 oz container


1. Add all ingredients to container. Shake to combine.
2. To use, apply a small amount on a cotton ball and apply to face.

This recipe is so useful and so simple and easy to make! Another reason to love Simply Earth.

Months sell out fast, so if you like it, do not wait to order it!

Simply Earth offers great oils and fun recipes to use over and over. It is fun and creative!

New subscribers enter code: MAMMANATTYFREE at checkout to receive your bonus box and a $40 Electronic Gift Card.

Subscription price is $39.00 a month with a 6 month commitment / $45 for month to month

Signing up is easy...

Visit:, press "Get Started" then "Get Your August Box Today", choose your subscription and enter promo code: MAMMANATTYFREE in the promo code box to receive a massive bonus box (see below) with your first subscription and for a limited time - Simply Earth is offering a $40 gift code to use on a future month (usually $20)!

Subscribers receive 4 new essential oils monthly with fun recipes and everything you need to make them, including containers, labels and carrier oils. Sometimes, recipes call for items listed in the bonus box you receive with your first order.

Simply Earth

  • 100% Coconut Carrier Oil (4oz)
  • 100% Almond Carrier Oil (4oz)
  • 100% Beeswax (2oz)
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil (15ml)
  • 6 (10ml) Roll-On Bottles
  • 6 (5ml) Bottles
  • Jar Container

Support a Cause: When you shop with Simply Earth, 13% of their profits go to help fight human trafficking. They highlight a different organization each month. For August they are partnering with Grounds of Grace, an organization in Springfield, Il.

Next month we will be making soap! Another exciting and very useful box. I can't wait!!!

Will you wait or are you signing up today? Subscribe here

Simply Earth


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