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November 2, 2016

Sally Loves...

Disclosure: I received this series for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Sally Loves... is a lovely positive children's book series by author and illustrator Jody Mackey. Her books: Sally Loves to Swim, Sally Loves to Dance, Sally Loves Horses, and Sally Loves Coloring, Activities & Sticker Book, paint a picture of what is important to her, which includes family, friends, pets, favorite sports, and activities. Mackey was raised with the notion that with hard work, you can do anything. Her books bring that kind of confidence to children, to inspire and encourage them.

Sally Loves... books follow the adventures of a fun-loving girl named Sally who will inspire all readers by showing heart, hard work, and important lessons about following one's dreams. Mackey finds a way to illustrate the rewards of determination and the joys of friendship and family.

Sally will introduce children to her favorite activities including horseback riding, triathlon, hula dancing and more. She is active, fun, enthusiastic, and has a willingness to try new things. She may not be the fastest, or even the most competitive, but she gives these activities her all and enjoys herself along the way.

Each book is designed to inspire children, build self-esteem and encourage them to follow their dreams.

Sally Loves...

Sally Loves to Swim - Sally rides her bike to the pool every day with her brother and Mom. She also likes to run with her brother. Her Mom encourages her to particpiate in a triathlon. We love how active Sally is and how supportive her family are, even her dog little Mack.

Sally Loves to Dance - Sally loves all kinds of dancing, she even tries hula dancing. She practices every day. Sally is a hard worker! We love the added explanation of Hawaiian words!

Sally Loves Horses - Sally really loves to ride horses. We liked the Glossary at the end of the book explaining key terms related to horses and horsemanship. This one is the longest book, a really good read.

My daughter and I really enjoyed reading all these books. We love the simple, yet colorful and beautiful illustrations. We love how Sally inspires us to try new things, even when scared, encouraging kids to be brave, confident and to overcome their shyness. The fun Coloring, Activity and Sticker Book is adorable, too!. Any and all would make a perfect holiday gift.

Be sure to follow Sally for her next adventure and show your support by visiting:

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About the Author:

Jody Mackey resides with her husband in Tucson, Arizona. A University of Arizona graduate, she leads an active, healthy lifestyle, competing in running, cycling, and triathlon events.

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