Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Kitchen Organizer

March 13, 2019

Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Organizer

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Growing up, my parents were very clean and organized. My Mum would always say "A place for everything and everything in its place." If you needed anything or asked for anything, she could go right to it and get it. It is a great way to be. Kitchen organization is ideal, too! Especially if you cook at home often. It can make things run smoother and more efficiently.

Tips for kitchen organization is to first declutter! Remove anything that is broken, remove anything you do not use and donate anything you have two or three of, or maybe store them away in case they are needed down the road!

Try to keep counters free of debris, especially if it should not be in the kitchen in the first place, like papers or books (unless they are cookbooks). There are so many gadgets and boxes to help with organization.

Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Organizer

We can all agree that once we start cooking, we want our utensils to be within easy reach and easy to grab! Get organized with a kitchen drawer organizer and simplify your daily cooking duties.

We have been trying out the Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Kitchen Organizer and love it. It easily fits in standard size drawers and is also extendable for larger drawers. Plus, it can be used for more than just organizing in the kitchen! Organize jewelry, office supplies/markers and crayons for the kids, cosmetics and more. Use it in the bathroom, living room, craft room or wherever you want and need to get organized.

Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Organizer

  • The Royal Craft Wood Organizer features 9 slots for silverware/utensils/items

  • The tray has two extendable compartments for maximum capacity and convenience

  • With its multi purpose use, it can be used in your cutlery or junk drawer, bathroom, living room or craft room

  • Made very well - the reinforced base and deep compartments ensure durability

  • Made with 100% sustainable organic bamboo wood. This drawer organizer is eco-friendly and water-resistant

  • With it's sturdy design, it will not move around like plastic kitchen organizers

  • A wipe with a damp cloth will keep it clean and looking brand new!

Find the Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Organizer on amazon and stay connected on Instagram: @royalcraftwood

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