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July 11, 2016


Disclosure: I received a Pawdpet complimentary for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

We know our kids love to play games and watch videos on their tablets and younger kids will no doubt be grabbing your phone for entertainment. Now, thanks to the genius of a mother turned entrepreneur, Pawdpet can help us out. Pawdpet is a cuddly plush that can hold, position and safely carry your children’s tablets (or your iphone), for hands-free entertainment.


Your Pawdpet will come with a steel plate (Just over 4 inches long - pictured below), attach it to your smartphone or tablet with the adhesive backing. The other side is magnetized (so is your Pawdpet) allowing your device to 'stick' to your Pawdpet's tummy. However, please do not do what my kids did and try to remove it to test out on other devices. It will only make it less sticky and more prone to dirt and dust. Once you stick your steel plate to your device, it is best not to remove it.


Pawdpet is currently available in four cute, cuddly and adorable plush holders:

Eukie, the koala bear - "I’m from the Land Down Under and love to snuggle! I’m really good at giving long hugs, and enjoying even longer naps in the trees. When I’m hungry, I munch on fresh eucalyptus leaves for a healthy and tasty snack!";

Bun Bun, the bunny - "I like to play, laugh and tumble around meadows, woods, forests, grasslands, and even deserts! Snuggling and munching sweet and healthy grasses and vegetables make me happy. My favorite activity is hopping along with my many friends. Catch me if you can!";

Scout, the fox - "I’m clever and skillful! I have lived all over the world and can quickly adapt to new environments thanks to my quick thinking. I love traveling with my pack pals but I’m also adventurous enough to explore on my own. So come on, let’s go, and I’ll show you around!";

Mr. Hoots, the owl - "I’m nocturnal and I fly silently through the night. I have sharp hearing and am a great listener and I promise to keep your secrets safe. I’ll bet you can guess I love slumber parties and long flights to far away places. I’m wise, and would love learning from you on our travels together!"



-Our Pawdpet can be used with him standing straight up, or on his side;
-Our Pawdpet can hold our device for hands-free fun;
-Our Pawdpet can keep our phone/tablet safe in his plush padded pocket;
-Our Pawdpet has a removable, adjustable cross-body shoulder strap for easy carrying, and
is a great carrier for our phone, tablet or small accessories!

Our Eukie can be played with in all sorts of ways. He makes a great backpack for all our little treasures and is a great cuddly friend any time of day. Great for travel!

Available online at and

Stop by their adorable website to meet them all and stay connected:

Facebook: Pawdpet
Twitter: @Pawdpet

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