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August 10, 2016


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. All opinions are my own.

We are big believers in supporting our children in all they do and love when they want to get outside and play! As soon as our kids were old enough to join (5 years) we signed them up with our local Track & Field Club. We love that they meet every week night, rain or shine and offer a point system for rewards at the end of the season, encouraging attendance.

Our coach was a founding member and has been a part of the Track Club since he was a teenager in the 70's (he has also participated in the Boston Marathon 13 times! Quite the man!) Our Track & Field Club is open to kids ages 5-14 yet our coach enlists the help of older teenagers to help him and encourage the younger kids. It is a fantastic program and one we are always glad to attend!

Because our children participate in Track & Field adds to our excitement for The Olympic Games this year in Rio, especially Track & Field Events and Olympian Allyson Felix. We are very much looking forward to watching her compete in the woman's 400m on Saturday the 13th, the woman's 200m on Monday, August 15th, and the woman's 4x400m relay on Friday, August 19th.

Which event(s) are you most excited for and interested in this year?


Here are some reasons and benefits of why we think Track & Field is a great sport:

* BUILDS TEAMWORK - Track is an individual sport as well as a team sport. Our performance can affect the whole team, especially in relay races. Meeting every night also forms great friendships during practices.

* INCREASES COORDINATION AND BALANCE - You may not think running around a track can help with coordination but add in hurdles and other field events and you have quite the workout and experience controlling the movement of your body.

* GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP - Your coach will push you to your limit, and whether you win or lose, you should always cheer on your team members and friends!

* IMPROVES CONFIDENCE - You depend on no one but yourself when you are running around the track. As your times improves, so does your confidence. Plus, when you exercise, you reduce stress and maintain a healthy weight also improving your self-esteem.

My oldest child, went on to try soccer after track and took all she learned from track with her,
building more friendships and good habits.

Help support #TeamUSA by purchasing P&G products at Walmart

The P&G Brand has partnered with Walmart to support Team USA in The Olympic Games
Purchases of P&G products bought through this link: P&G/Walmart will help support Team USA.


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