Book Giveaway: Miss Danielle's Preschoolbuds Books

October 18, 2016

Miss Danielle - Preschoolbuds books

Disclosure: I received these three Preschoolbuds books for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

Miss Danielle is busy making a massive impact to her community! Along with her fabulous Preschoolbuds children's books, Miss Danielle also founded London Day School, a premier, private educational and enrichment academy in New Jersey. Her Preschoolbuds books have recently been turned into a TV series that is available on Amazon Prime and also on Children's Television Network, a network specifically designed for children's hospitals.

Be sure to check out her videos and books on Amazon.

Some of Miss Danielle's adorable Preschoolbuds books include:

Paige - The Little Panda Who Ran Out of Words

Paige loves to talk. But one day her father comes home from work to let her know that they are leaving China for a new home. She is sad and excited at the same time, but ready for a new adventure. Many children will move to another country and find that they don't have full command of the language of their new home, however, they will find, as Paige did, that with a little time, and a lot of friendship, the words will find their way back!

Rupert - The Little Adopted Puppy

Teaching our children about patience, tolerance, taking our turn and being "Ok" when things don't always go our way, can be a daunting task for parents and teachers. Rupert, The little puppy who ran out of tears is the story of a puppy who rants and raves, cries and pouts to get his way and learns that using his words is a much better way to communicate with both his teacher and his friends. He also learns that sharing, caring and communicating without his tears and with his words instead, is the way to go!

Betsie Bee - A Little Bee's First Visit to the Doctor

A wonderful book to help little ones who may be afraid of visiting a doctor. This bright, beautiful book, combines whimsical rhyme and a fun, engaging story to walk children through their first doctor visit.

Through Danielle's books, parents and children can learn about all sorts of insecurities and fears that the characters in the stories go through, and how they work through them. These stories, which involve cute and relatable characters, open up conversations between parents and children to find solutions.

Miss Danielle - Preschoolbuds books

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About Danielle Lindner:

Danielle Lindner is a certified early educational and elementary teacher in New Jersey. After receiving her M.A. in Teaching and Elementary Education (Hons.), from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1996, she worked as a teacher, trainer and educator for over 18 years in both public and private educational institutions. An experienced businesswoman, in addition to her credentials as a recognized educator, Danielle was recently named a Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur by The New Jersey chapter of Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners (LWEBW).

Danielle saw a need for a more balanced approach to early childhood learning and worked with like-minded child development professionals to build an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that addresses the whole child, combining essential academic skills with a focus on social and emotional development. The London Day School opened its doors in 2010.

Danielle's goal is to send kinder kids back to school this year - and every year.

You can learn more about Danielle by visiting her website:

Danielle is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post:


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