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October 25, 2018

Lotus Shopping Bag

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In many shops these days, especially in Europe, they charge you for a plastic bag. It won't be long till all shops will enforce this hoping to eliminate waste. It takes a lot of energy to produce a plastic bag, and it also takes a lot of energy to recycle these bags. So, my family and I want to do our part in taking care of our beautiful planet and using reusable bags on our bi-weekly shopping trips is a huge start.

We have been trying out the Lotus Trolley Bag System, a set of four reusable bags that are spread out accordion-style along the top of a shopping cart. With its beautiful design and clever concept, it is catching quite the attention of many at the grocery store.

They are so easy to use, simply hang the bags on the cart handle with the Velcro strap until you are ready to check out. Once you have shopped and removed all items from the cart, fan the bags out in the cart with one easy motion. Pack and sort as you go in record time. Then, separate each bag to place in your car and because you have organized at the shop, these large reusable bags make it fast and easy to put away items once you get home.

Each Lotus Trolley Bag System includes 4 large bags that stay together with heavy duty Velcro strips for easy storage.

Special features include an insulated cooler bag, and a bag with a special holder for eggs and (2) wine bottles.

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    Why We Love the Lotus Trolley System:

  • We have fun, stylish, multi-purpose, eco-friendly oversized, reusable bags -- great for grocery shopping and more

  • They help us stay organized and efficient

  • The removable rods make it simple to use just one or two bags at a time

  • Once the rods are removed we can throw the bags in the washing machine to clean

  • We love the fun colors and mesh bottoms.

  • Did we mention they have TWO wine bottle holders (also perfect to hold French bread!)

The Lotus Trolley Bag is not just another environmentally friendly shopping bag -- "it’s an altogether new bagging system that can transform our shopping carts into our own personal assistant! These bags save steps—time and energy, all the while eliminating millions of wasteful, harmful plastic bags from our environment."

Farzan and Jen, the genius husband and wife duo from Carlsbad, California, came up with this great concept "to achieve our goal of helping to make a dent in the almost 1,500 wasteful plastic bags used by the average American family in the U.S. each year."

Lotus Trolley Bag

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Lotus Shopping Bag


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