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October 13, 2016


Disclosure: I received products as part of a Tryazon House Party. All opinions are my own.

We love getting board games out and playing with our kids and we were all over the moon to try out a Tryazon Party with EQtainment. EQtainment offers a fantastic line of products getting our kids reading, talking out loud, and jumping up and down, all while learning social skills, creative thinking, and balance. Boost your child's EQ with Q the Monkey.

Meet Q the Monkey and all his fun games that will teach our kids valuable skills:


Q's Race to the Top Board Game with Book:

For ages 3+ (My 8 year old daughter loves this game) Includes: 150 question and action cards, 4 figurines, large dice, and game board. It teaches manners, creative thinking, feelings, social skills, as well as balance & coordination with three categories to choose from: YOU cards, are blue and ask you to share something about you, DO cards are red and get you up and jumping on one foot, or jumping jacks, etc., and Q green cards involve Q the monkey and ask how you would explain a certain scenario to him. This is a fun game and a great way to teach young children valuable skills. It really helps younger kids feel comfortable speaking up and sharing their thoughts.

There is a also a smaller version of the game for "On the go" - ideal for the car! It offers 90 fun questions and physical challenges, that promote social and emotional skills, self-control, feeling identification, as well as balance and coordination.

The fun does not stop there, you can also interact with Q with his read-along book and CD. Designed to improve reading skills, as well as social awareness and listening comprehension.

Kids will also enjoy Q's Coloring Book that includes connect the dots, circle words, coloring, and reading.

The whole line is great! Check out all the great products and video's on their website and stay connected:

All EQtainment products are 20% off at with coupon code: HOUSE PARTY.

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