5 Reasons to Start your Toddler on a Balance Bike #TALKBMXIE

October 12, 2016

Chillafish - Balance Bike

Disclosure: I received product for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

While balance bikes are all the rage in Europe, they are still taking a little time making it over here to the U.S. My two did not start on a balance bike, yet, I always wanted to get them one. They are just not that readily available here. That is until now! The makers of the best balance bike out there: Chillafish is now available on Amazon.com. Let me share with you the benefits of starting your toddler on a balance bike:

5 Reasons to Start your Toddler on a Balance Bike (Instead of Training Wheels):

1. Balance - Unlike training wheels, balance bikes offer the skill of balancing (as well as steering and braking), giving kids confidence and the feeling of being in control right away;

2. Start them Young - Children as young as 2 can learn to balance on their own on a balance bike! Then around 4 or 5, when they get taller and stronger, they can smoothly transition to a pedal bike without ever needing training wheels;

3. They are safer - Because there are no pedals, preschoolers benefit from having their own feet on the ground. When the bike starts to tip over, they will instinctively place their feet down to stabilize themselves, reducing the risk of falling over;

4. More Economical - Because my two kids didn't start with a balance bike, we bought tricycles, 12 inch bikes and 16 inch bikes for both of them (both still under 10). If we had started with a balance bike, we could have skipped the tricycle and 12 inch bike with training wheels and went right into a 16 inch bike; and

5. Family Time - Balance bikes get toddlers out and exercising with their parents and older siblings at a younger age instead of being pushed around in a stroller/pram (making them tired, exactly what we wish for :).

Tips for using your Balance Bike:

1. Don't forget to wear a helmet - Start them young - the sooner they get use to it the better!

2. Wear good shoes - Using your feet means wearing closed toe shoes - No flip flops or sandals please.

3. Flat Terrain - Begin on flat terrain and practice stopping and slowing down, then try a small hill or two.

4. Wear Color - Wear protective gear and/or a safety vest with reflective elements to make sure you and your toddler can be seen.

5. Have Fun - How great is it for a young child to jump on a bike first time and go, go go!


We had the pleasure of reviewing a blue BMXie from Chillafish. It is awesome and completely recommended. They do not call it the "coolest balance bike in the world" for nothing! It truly is the best! The Chillafish BMXie Balance Bike is a real BMX-styled bicycle frame, with oversized tubing tires that never need air. Along with its cool design, features include an adjustable seat that does not need a special tool to adjust, and a hidden/removable footrest (for coasting or maybe fun trick possibilities for older riders). It also comes with a detachable front number plate, with six cool sticker choices. It is available in 7 colors, and is recommended for ages 2-5, with a maximum weight of 77lbs. The Chillafish BMXie Balance Bike weighs a light 9 pounds and is easy to assemble.

It is an ideal first bike to offer your toddler!

Find it on Amazon.com: Chillafish - BMXie

About Chillafish:

The Chillafish Company was established in 2011 with their first product introduction in stores in mid 2012.
Creating fantastic, innovative bikes for toddlers.

Check them out:

Website: chillafish.com.
Twitter: @chillafish
Facebook: chillafish

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