Billy Blanks Returns With The BoomBoxing Board

July 17, 2019

Disclosure: I received a product sample for review purposes only. Any opinions are my own.

Billy Blanks is back and encouraging us all to get a little exercise at home on the days when we can't get outside or to the gym! Much more than a trampoline, the air-spring platform called BoomBoxing Board is backed by the creator of the Tae Bo craze.

Do you remember Billy? Billy takes me back to the 90s with his powerful Tae Bo workout. I swear I have the tapes somewhere! But for now, this mini-trampoline, step board hybrid, it is the perfect surface to perform plyometric and aerobic exercises at home.

Billy's BoomBoxing Board can be something to utilize every day, we can do quick workouts any time of day and with the stand up computer workstation craze, it would be ideal to stand on while using a laptop, too.

This square board (for ideal foot placement) stands six inches off the floor and is supported by four air-cushioned spring legs. It is sturdy enough to jump and step on without fear of injury and provides enough instability to work on balance and our core! Best of all, it has little impact on joints, making it the ideal and fun at home workout for many, young and old. We love it!

All sorts of exercises can be done using the BoomBoxing Board including jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, sit-ups, running in place and step aerobics for people of all ages and fitness goals. (Weight limit 300lbs)

We are all looking for that ideal workout and this BoomBoxing Board could be it!!

Find more information on the kickstarter page and pre-order today at Kickstarter Campaign

Why you should invest/pledge and back this project:

Hybrid Design - square in shape, gentle air-cushioned support for low-impact aerobic exercise
Multifunctionality - perfect for standing desks, sports rehab and child's play
Portability and Storability - weighs less than 15 lbs fully assembled, and disassembles for storage in small spaces

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