Book Review: All Fish Faces by Tam Warner Minton

October 24, 2017

All Fish Faces

Disclosure: This book was received for review purposes only. Any opinions are my own.

My husband is a big fish fan and has a beautiful fish tank. We can sit and watch the different fish swim around for ages. We truly loved flipping through the pages of All Fish Faces, full of colorful, fun, tropical fishes.

Do you have someone in your life who loves ocean life? It is a great book idea for the little fishes on your Christmas list or your own readers' list, consider ALL FISH FACES: Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish.

This special book was created by Tam Warner Minton, an empty-nester turned solo world traveler, who wanted to help children learn all about the colorful tropical fish faces beneath the sea. Little did she know it would appeal to big kids, too.

All Fish Faces shows you up-close images of tropical reef fish while providing educational facts. Proceeds from the book will benefit the Marine Megafauna Foundation, which strives to keep the ocean clean, safe, and healthy for all.

Minton hopes readers will understand the importance of ocean conservation through her work. She is specifically empowered with educating children on this topic. Her hope is that the close-up images of tropical fish will help humanize the undersea world.

“Showing people the amazing life beneath the waves is the way to
preserve our oceans for future generations,”

Minton says. “Knowledge is power.”

All Fish Faces

This book is divided by individual fish species and fun facts are shared about each one and where they live. Although geared for kids, this book appeals to all and is amazingly colorful and informative. A fun book to flip through, share, and discuss all while educating our kids (and ourselves, too).

All Fish Faces

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All Fish Faces

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